Fly In or Shipped to You Free!

Found a car you love?  Don’t live in Middle Tennessee?  Wholesale Inc.’s “Fly in or Shipped to you Free” Program is just for you!

If you don’t live in Middle Tennessee, purchase a vehicle from Wholesale Inc. at the advertised internet price, plus all taxes and fees, and Wholesale Inc. will fly you to Nashville or ship your vehicle to you for Free!

If flying in, originating flight must be from an airport within 500 miles of the dealership.

  • Fly in offer includes only one commercial airline ticket for one passenger.
  • Airline ticket must be at the most economical rate and approved by the general manager of Wholesale Inc.
  • Maximum ticket price of $500.
  • Wholesale will not be responsible for any hotel or any other expenses.

If Wholesale ships the vehicle, the delivery destination must be less than 500 miles and more than 100 miles from the dealership.

  • Delivery will be made by truck and arranged by Wholesale Inc.